Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hate it !Hate it !Hate it!

Chinese Society member just asked me to think of something to perform on "Ying Xing Hui"!What am I suppose to do?I can't think of anything right now but only singing.Singing is the easiest way to perform so I think that's the only option I had.I was playing games half way then they just called and ruined my mood!Urgh!Hate it!Why am I still in Chinese Society anyway?There'll be another activity going on next month!And what's terrible is its a camp in school!I'm now very frustrated of choosing the songs because I don't know are we suppose to sing Chinese New Year songs or the normal will do.They need the answer by tonight so which means I only have 2 to 3 hours left.And what's bothering me is the caller asked me to call her back but I don't have her number!I'm doomed!Anyone could help me?=( My life is so miserable now.I miss my form 2!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally get to buy phone!

Mom din disagree about the phone thing so I guess its a yes!I did not ask from my dad but if mom agrees then he has to agree cuz theres no reason for him to disagree with that.I'm planning to buy K320i but not really sure the price.Maximum I think is about RM400 only and many people wrote comment that its simple yet functional.So i think theres no prob for the selection but only worries of whether the shop sells this phone.Dad said that its better to buy at the shop near my house cuz we recognize the owner of the shop so they wouldn't cheat us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss you by Kim Bun Soo

This is a song that is utterly touching and it's the only song that makes me cry.If you've watched this korea drama-Stairway to Heaven,I bet you would have recognized this song.So enjoy the mv!

Heres its lyrics

Amoori kidaryuhdo nan motka
Babochuhrum oolko inneun (nun)nuh-yi kyuhte
Sangchuhman jooneun nareul weh moreuko kidarini
Tuhnakaran marya

Bogoshipda, bogoshipda
Irun nega miwuhjil mankeum
Oolgoshipda, nege mooreup koolko
Modoo uhptun iri dwel soo itdamyun

Michil deus saranghetun ki-uhgi
Choo-uhkdeuri nuhreul chatko itjiman
Duh isang sarang-iran byunmyung eh
Nuhreul kadool soo uhpsuh.
Iruhmyun andwejiman.
Joogeul mankeum bogoshipda.

Bogoshipda, bogoshipda
Irun nega miwuhjil mankeum
Mitkoshipda, orheun kirirago.
Nuhreul wihe duhnayaman handago.

(repeat chorus)

Joogeul mankeum mitkoshipda.