Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saeng Yik Chu Ka He!!!Happy Belated Birthday to me!!!!!

Hello peeps!Turn 14 today.Received message from Stephy and she's the only one who greeted me when the clock strikes midnight.But the time I woke up,my stomach ache then I went to washroom and "lao sai".So unlucky!But its okay.Due to the Korean tradition,they will have "hai dai" soup on birthday which is like sea weed soup but their sea weed is different from us.My sis is going to Singapore to buy my present which is in a shop in Vivo City call Daisho.Everything there is 2 dolars which is about RM 4 in Malaysia.Her class trip is held in Penang this year so she was planning to buy lots of dvds cuz they are many cheap pirated dvds like Korean/Japanese/Taiwan dvds.On Air this drama and Antique the movie is really fun to watch so hopefully there will be those movies or dramas that I want there.Planning to buy phone at the end of this year.Sony erricson K320i phone.It cost from 315-440.Quite reasonable la.Haven't ask permission from mom and dad yet but most probably they'll agree so there's no prob.


Friday, November 28, 2008

DBSK funny videos

Check it out Part I and 2:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

K-popped goes to Coffee Prince coffee shop!

The Coffee Prince cafe established in 2007.
People say the cafe is located at Hongdae in Seoul, where three major Korean universities are located.

Cosy university town - this is what you see when
you exit from the subway station.

Streets are lined with eateries
and shops. Nice!

After walking for around 15 minutes,
were we glad to finally see this sign!

The cafe looks rather run down and deserted ~ not as new and happening as what you saw in the drama. Nor would you see Yoon Eun-hye or Gong Yoo and the Coffee Princes when you get there. ;-)

Inside, a single barrista was behind the counter and he was a Korean dude with reddish blonde dyed hair. They only served drinks - no waffle, no food.

Coffee Prince drama memorabilia displayed on the walls of the cafe

Leave your mark!

Sunflower wall

Maybe Yoon Eun Hye isn't there,
but you can still see her artwork
on the glass windows

From the inside looking out
Take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University, take Exit 4 -> turn right on Seven Springs corner -> walk 2 blocks -> at the end of the street, turn left -> turn right on the first right - > walk until you almost reach the end of the street where the street goes slightly uphill (about 500 meters) -> find the coffee shop on the right side

Paran concert canceled

The deal between Paran's managing company NH Media and local organisers, Pop Rainbow fell through, folks. This means Paran's Nov 30 concert in Malaysia has been cancelled.

Ain't coming: Paran will not be holding a concert in Malaysia
on Nov 30

The reason given by NH Media is that the local organisers were not professional enough in organising the event.

In a press statement, NH Media wrote: "The organiers have failed to pay the deposit of the concert and they also did not sign the contract document we provided them so the contract has become void."

Bottom line, Paran's managing team ain't happy with the local organisers. Thus no Paran, no U-Kiss.

No show, too: U-Kiss, who are the guest performers for Paran's concert,
would not be coming too.

Kim Hee Chul profile!3F4D70B1E15FCE9B!2043.entry
Name:희철 / Hee Chul (Hui Cheol)
Real name:김희철 / Kim Hee Chul (Kim Hui Cheol)

Nickname:Cinderella, Heerobbong
Profession: Actor, singer, host and model
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: AB
Talent agency:
SM Entertainment

TV Series: Education: Sang Ji Young University
Hobbies: Writing fairytales, computers and reading
KPOP group:
Super Junior

Thats why I was saying this guy was familiar.Now only I realize he's one of the member of super junior.Love him after watching Bad Family.

Korea drama-Bad Family

Today all of them went pyramid then I "fong fei kei" again because suddenly got transport problem so din manage to go =[ Hopefully they will forgive me but if I don't go also no difference la so it should be no prob.I think they should be having fun by now.Last night watch the drama that borrow from friend and it was dang funny.Here are the synopsis

Bad Family.jpg

Title: 불량가족 / Bul Ryang Ga Jok
English Title: Bad Family
Chinese title : 不良家族
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-03-22 to 2006-05-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Na Rim is the youngest child of an affluent family. Na Rim and her family are about to go on a family trip when an employee from the family company shows up who has apparently done something wrong. He begs for forgiveness but Na Rim’s grandfather refuses. The family leaves but the employee (CEO?) from the family company follows in his own car, leading to a car accident where everyone in the car with the exception of Na Rim dies. One of Na Rim’s begins to suspect that the CEO of the company is responsible for the death of his family, but the only one alive to tell what happened is Na Rim, who has amnesia. In order to try and get her memory back, one of her uncles hires Oh Dal Gun to create a family for Na Rim on the recommendation that if Na Rim is happy then the chances of her getting her memory back are higher.

Oh Dal Gun has a large debt and in order to repay this debt he has established a company that provides fake families for people in need. Basically actors are hired to play the parts of family members for events such as weddings. Kim Yang Ah is an orphan with 3 younger brothers and makes a living as a fisherwoman. Although cute, she has a temper. By chance she ends up meeting Dal Gun while he is being chased by the men he owes a debt to. Even though Yang Ah helped Dal Gun escape, they eventually find him and beat him to a bloodly pulp, and end up accidentally setting Yang Ah’s boat on fire. Yang Ah returns to find her boat in tatters.

Jang Hang Gu, Park Bok Nyu, and Um Ji Sook all owe debts to the man that Dal Gun works for. In order to pay their debts Dal Gun’s coerces them to work for him. Hang Gu is a dance instructor, Bok Nyu sells potstickers for a living and Ji Sook sells coffee for a living. Bok Nyu and Ji Sook really dislike each other and bicker all the time. Gi Dong works for a debt collection agency. Gong Min appears to be a homeless youth that Dal Gun finds on the streets, but is fact from a very rich family. Having moved out from his family home, he works at a salon as a shampoo boy.

With the majority of the family in place, Dal Gun goes to find the person to play the part of Na Rim’s sister. He decides on a girl that happens to be Yang Ah’s friend, who resists Dal Gun. Yang Ah realizes who Dal Gun is and goes after him. Although not originally chosen to be the sister, since Na Rim has already met Yang Ah and has been told that she is her sister, Dal Gun has to take a long time to convince Yang Ah to play the role.

Yang Ah also happens to meet Ha Tae Kyung when he knocks over her squid stand. They end up getting into an altercation that results in Yang Ah dumping a bunch of raw squid into his car. They later meet again as well when she is playing the role of Na Rim’s sister.


Kim Myung Min is Oh Dal Gun (Na Rim’s fake uncle)
Nam Sang Mi is Kim Yang Ah (Na Rim’s fake sister)
Yim Hyun Shik is Jang Hang Gu (Na Rim’s fake grandfather)
Yuh Woon Kye is Park Bok Nyu (Na Rim’s fake grandmother)
Kang Nam Gil is Jo Gi Dong (Na Rim’s fake father)
Keum Bo Ra is Um Ji Sook (Na Rim’s fake mother)
Kim Hui Chul is Gong Min (Na Rim’s fake brother)
Hyun Young is Ha Bu Kyung (Niece of man that caused accident)
Park Jin Woo is Ha Tae Kyung (Son of man that caused accident)
Lee Young Yoo is Baek Na Rim

Production Credits

Director: Yoo In Shik
Writer: Lee Hee Myung

Jae Joong!

If any cassiopeia sees this do not say that I'm terrible okay?I'm just doing this for fun.Its from paint.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stressful mind!

Guess what I'm using my aunt's laptop while she's not at home.So if she comes back then I'm dead!Tomorrow I shall go to pyramid with Yen Cheing,Xinhui,Tracy and Joanne.Initially I wanted to go badly but now don't really feel like going because to be honest I'm felt stress while going out with them don't know why(hopefully CAXTE doesn't see this xp) unless my sis is going cuz today which is Thursday is her last day of examinations!So she wanted to go out after a stressful month.She found out about her ns thing on website and it says she's on the third batch which is usually those loser would go on that batch but because this year there are too many students who were selected so they put her in that batch.This year Sarawak is one of the places for ns too.Great right?You get to seat plane and enjoy the scenery so everyone is praying hard to get there.And owh finally got dramas to watch.My sis borrow from a friend.It is a Korean drama call "bu liang jia zu"I think it should be not bad.And I'm going back to hometown at the end of this year.We initally should be going back by train then suddenly changed the plan so have to go back by car.Bro has been grumbling whole night cuz he's really interested in taking train.So thats it for today,don't know what to wear tomorrow and Jae Joong rocks!


Jae Joong singing 잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season)

Watch this!Its magnificent!

Love this pic!

I am

Monday, November 24, 2008

Japanese drama-Last friend


Last Friends tackles issues that afflict the current generation. Michiru's mother has brought a man back to their home and she is bullied at her workplace where she works as a beauty parlour assistant. She starts cohabiting with her boyfriend, a good young man who works at the Child Welfare Division and the only person who can give her emotional support, but ends up the victim of domestic violence and becomes fearful of love. The boyishly charming Ruka was a classmate of Michiru's in junior high school. She has performed brilliantly as a motocross racer and aims to win the national championship, but as the story progresses, a deep worry that she can neither confide in her parents or close friends grows evident. Takeru is a hair and makeup artist acquainted with Ruka. He is a good confidant to females due to his kindness and perceptiveness, and finds himself attracted to Ruka but has a phobia of sex as a result of a past trauma. The three of them become house mates and through their associations with others, gain the capacity to be positive about life. --jade_frost

Correlation chart
Correlation chart

Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 more days till Birthday!

6 more days till my birthday!Which is 1st December!But don't think will be going any where so nothing special on that day.And it is also the day my grandma's eye operation so I'll keep my fingers crossed all day long when that day comes.Hopefully nothing bad happen.Btw I got songs in my blog dy!Yeah!!!!But it always buffers..haizz..Haoting is the best place to listen to songs cuz its clear,loud and it doesn't buffers.Even though it'll buffer in the starting but later on it became smooth so no worries!Thats all!


Going to Pyramid this friday

Going to pyramid this coming Friday with yen cheing,xinhui and maybe manda and joanne.Today din made it to pyramid cuz since I'm going on Friday why trouble my dad to fetch me today?So sorry to my primary friend but I don't think many people is going xp.But I heard my primary best friend is going so she will be disappointed if she knew that I'm not going because she kept begging me to go.So sorry guys...So this Friday I was planning to watch high school musical 3 but manda had watch then I dunno whether xinhui and yen cheing want to watch a not cuz they are not really into that.However I'm definitely watching movies cuz they are many magnificent movies on cinema now so if I din watch then its a huge waste.Examples like high school musical 3,Madagascar,Bolt,Quantum of Solace...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jae Joong profile

Name: 영웅재중 Hero / 英雄在中 Young Woong Jae Joong
Real name: 김재중 / Kim Jae Joong

Birhdate:26 Jan 1986

Birth place:Chungnam,South Korea


Star Sign:Aquarius

Blood type:O

Talent agency:SM Entertainment

TV Series:Heaven Postman(2008) Vacation(2006)
Banjun drama(2005)

Korean Language

I want to see you ="pogoshipoyo"
I'm sick = "appayo"
I'm busy = "pappayo"
please teach me ="karucho juseyo (juseyo means if you want something like you want water you'll say muljom juseyo)
where are you going?="odi gaseyo"?
please tell me="malhaejuseyo"
just a moment="jamshiman kidaryo juseyo"
please help me="dowajuseyo"
I'm full ="baeboloyo"
I'm bored="simsimheyo
I want to sleep="chagu shipoyo"
I don't have money="ton opsoyo" (have=itta/issoyo , none=obta/opsoyo
handsome= jalsengkyottda
not delicious=matt obta

hot= tupta , cold= chupta
breakfast=achim siksa, lunch=jomsim siksa , dinner= jonyok siksa
expensive ="pissayo"(pissada)
cheap ="ssayo"(ssada)

我 的 亿 万 面 包 Love or Bread


我 的 亿 万 面 包(Love or Bread) 由郑元畅和林依晨主演. 即 将 在 八 度 空 间 首 播!没想到八度空间这么快就播放了耶!好期待哦!

Joe plays a guy who lives his life in a facade, letting the world believe he's a wealthy young gentlemen. When in fact he's a lazy, procrastinating in debt pauper. Ariel's character is a poor young woman, but kind, filial and very hard-working bread winner of her family. She has a boyfriend, whom she also helped support financially while he lives abroad in America. Ariel's character decides to go to him in hopes that they finally get married. Her parents totally disapproving of it, but she decides to go, but only to find out of his infidelity to her. Used up basically all her savings and unwilling to face her family, she returns to Taiwan secretly. When she returns she meets Joe's character and they come to an agreement and end up sharing a broke-down old house together.

Check out its trailer:
Trailer part 1

Trailer part 2

Im Joo Hwan Profile

Name: Im Joo Hwan 임주환
Birthdate: May 18,1982
Birth place: South Korea
Filmgoraphy: A Millionaire's First Love
[Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang] (2006)

Arang 2006
M 2007
Television: Snow Queen (2006)

Friday, November 21, 2008


I want to go to Korea and Japan at the same time.Especially after reading k-popped blog makes me wanted to go even more.They had pictures here and there in Seoul.But of course if you need to choose between Korea and Japan,Japan would me a better choice to travel.There are more stuff to discover there.So thats the reason why I also wanted to go Japan.For Korea,Seoul is the only place that has something to see.Most of their people live in Seoul and only a few number of people is living in the country side.So to live in Seoul is really tough.As for Japan is tough too because everything is expensive there so the cost of living is high.I don't know what am I crapping about here and most of you must be thinking of this word BORING!So no more writing.Tomorrow Hana Kimi!Till next time.Hasta Lavista!

Japanese food