Friday, September 5, 2008

200 pounds beauty



Kim Ah-jung as Kang Han-na
Ju Jin-mo as Sang Jun


Kang Han-na is a very fat girl whose job is a backstage singer and a telephone sex worker, because of she had a beautiful voice but not a beautiful body. She was the backstage singer for Ammy, who has a beautiful body, but terrible voice. Han-na idolises her company's producer, Sang Jun, whom she thinks that truly cares about her. Unfortunately, during the post-concert celebration, Han-na not only got ridiculed by her colleagues and Ammy, she also overheard Sang Jun's conversation with Ammy in the toilet. Sang-jun told Ammy that even though they are just using Han-na for her voice, they must be kind to her so she will not walk out on them.

Furious, Han-na approached one of her telephone-sex clients, a plastic surgeon for a total makeover, without anyone knowing, not even her best friend, Chung-min. Han-na re-appeared one year later, totally slim and beautiful. Non of her past acquiantances recognised her, not even Chung-min. But she managed to convinced Chung-min that she is Han-na with a matching tattoo that they got previously. With Chung-min's help, Han-na managed to have an audition with the Sang-jun's singing company under a bogus name "Jenny", and Jenny very quickly became the next Korean pop sensation because of her great vocals and looks.

All was well, until Han-na refused to acknowledge her senile Dad, for fear of Ammy recognising her. Chung-min was very disappointed with Han-na's behaviour too. The cover was blown when Sang-jun found out that Jenny is Han-na due to the similarities that they have while making notes on the music sheet.

Han-na could not carry with her first performance after that because she felt that she has lost her family and friends. So she did a declaration during the performance which shocked the audience. But slowly, the audience came to accept whom she is, and Han-na finally is able to ditch the identity of Jenny and become herself once more.

My Take
This movie touched on the topic of plastic surgery, which Korea is so famous about. The movie shows that beauty is only skin deep, it's the internal qualities of a person which is important. On the hand, I thought the movie also shows that without beauty, you will take a longer and harder time to succeed in life. Just take a look at Han-na, she has to bear the pain of the surgery before she is able to do what she wanted. Oh well, a double-edge sword right ? The OST is fabulous!

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