Monday, September 29, 2008

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Got Married!!!!!


Isn’t it generally the bride who gets all teary-eyed at weddings?

It seems that roles have been reversed for Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young.

At the outdoor wedding ceremony covered in pink petals, Kwon Sang-woo is overwhelmed with emotion as he expresses his heartfelt thank you’s to his mother for her support and love. Facing the parents and saying a few words to them is part of the Korean wedding ceremony. This is when many people break down.

Like all parents, they want to know when their newly married son/daughter will have kids. Kwon Sang-woo revealed to the press that they would like to have kids as soon as possible. He added that 3 kids would be fabulous but his bride is afraid that she will mess up her body so they decided on 2.

Well, if the rumors are true, we shall soon hear about the pitter-patter of a mini Kwon or Son soon.
Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young tied the knot at the Shilla Hotel on September 28th.



With the hype that been going on with the wedding, you would think that it would be extravagant and over the top, but no, the ceremony was rather small by celebrity standards with 300 guests in attendance. Guests include Jang Dong-gun, So Ji-sub etc.

According to the X-files floating around the internet, rumor has it that Son Tae-young is pregnant. And that was the cause of the sudden wedding announcement.

The couple wed at the Shilla Hotel on September 28th 2008.

One more thing- darn! Wrong dress! Her choice of the Kenneth Pool dress is nice but we adored the one we chose. Oh well. Next time.

Press kiss


Wedding photos and W Magazine photo-shoot pictures



Outdoor ceremony. The weather was perfect.

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