Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year is coming soon!!!!!

Chinese New Year is around the corner already!!!I'm so excited to celebrate it because each time when Chinese New Year arrives I could meet my aunties and cousins all gathered around in hometown.Hometown is a place where theres no pressure of school and stuff going on.I felt tremendously thrilled to stay there but ofcourse it wouldn't be forever since that place could be bored if you had no where to visit other than staying in the house.Hereby,Chinese New Year makes you gain weight!You'll eat non stop because all meals would be extremely delicious.By that way,you could enjoy yourselfs during Chinese New Year.Tomorrow is the last day of school then its holiday!!!!Yippeee!!!!!I'm so glad that I could finally relax for a while and put all the stress aside.Can't wait till that day comes.Till next time!


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