Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

First time blogging since school reopen.School was not that good so I don't really wanna talk about it.By the way,I'm the monitor in class and also a committee member of Chinese Society which I'm going to quit because I don't like it.I'm telling them next Monday that I'm quiting.I'm sitting with Yaashdev and far away from Yen Cheing and Xinhui so I'm unsatisfied with the sitting position but luckily next week I will be sitting with Farah with the reason of convenient since she's the assistant monitor.By that way,I would be closer to YC AND XH =)I finally got Gemala and my report card.Well the results were not that satisfying so I'm worried about this year studies.My class's teachers were not bad only some are useless teachers who don't teach well.Sis and dad is on their way to Singapore by train.How lucky!They're going there to visit Singapore's University to decide which is better for sis to enter.Currently chatting with Esther Eng and she's just so funny.Thats it for today!


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