Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm quiting Chinese Society!!!!!!

Finally know what to do after thinking for such a long time.I've decided to tell Elaine about that cuz she's the only one that I'm closer to.Initially I wanted to wait until the photograph session is over so that my face is there.lols.But because of the meeting on this coming Wed makes me even more wanted to quit faster.I also wanted to wait till they fired me then I quit but I can't wait any longer so thats why.Ok stop talking about that bitter blow thing anymore and change the subject.I went to my bro's dhama class today and saw Pn.Lee Chew Kim teaching there.Even my bro says that she's boring.My sejarah this year is doomed!Have to study myself.Haizz...Eating dinner now.So damn hungry right now.Tata!


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