Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Singapore's Photos

Long time didn't update.Here's some photos of sis and dad in Singapore.They went there just for two days so theres not much photos.
Dad took a picture of those breads he'd bought.Lame right?But it all taste delicious!!!
I guess its in Clark Quey

Fountains in university.
If I'm not mistaken its a japanese shop.
Singapore Poly
Makan Place!This is a canteen in Ngee Ann.Its a newly built building and my sis told me that its interior looks like the food court in malls!Do you belief it?
This is how Ngee Ann looks like.Its big and nice enough for me but my aunt said that this university is consider as the oldest among all and its place is too big until you have to use a shuttle bus to move around the school otherwise you'll get lost!Besides this school needs about a few bus station to enter so it has a few doors to get in.
This is a shop where they sell Singapore's "Tau Sar Piah" and its really famous.
Here's dad and the owner of the shop whose age is 80 years old.
If I'm not mistaken its in Little India.

Don't know where it is but it looks cool.

I think this is in Clark Quey
This too.
This is Nanyang girl school where my cousin sister studies.She got almost straight A's for her O level which is like spm in Singapore.They graduate when they are 16 in Singapore which means form 4.Cousin brother joined many competitions so he don't have to sit for A level which is like PMR for Singapore.Smart huh?Such a genius but nerd and he don't socialize that much.

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