Friday, January 2, 2009

Went to places

Went to lots of places yesterday like U Tar(University Tunku Abdul Rahman)to attend a carrier talk for my sis.The place was not how I was expected because its was a lil old and its a bit like factories.Besides,the buildings were quite messy so it was hard to find our direction if it wasn't for aunt cuz she's a lecturer there.While waiting for sis to take her test,we walked to Jaya One which is located opposite it and saw Ong Ka Ting in a coffee shop.Then we went for lunch at Tropicana City,a newly open mall.Since its newly open hence there were not many people there.We ate in Esquire Kitchen for lunch and it was not bad.Next we went to pyramid cuz aunt was planning to buy a handbag.I saw my sis's friend who is working at Jusco and her sis was there too.Her sis is one of the Chinese Society member and there suppose to be a meeting on that day.Even though I told them I had no transport but I still felt very sorry for them.Then we went to Becon a whole seller shop and things were cheaper there.Bought some stationaries and bro bought a school bag for himself.Finished packing my bag just now and school is just in one day more!Urghh!So terrifying!


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