Friday, October 24, 2008

Boa Eat You Up U.S version is out!

No need for second helpings.

BoA finally released the U.S. version of her first American single, “Eat You Up.” Unfortunately, Boa’s people didn’t get it right this time–so sad.

Thinking that another style of music video would appeal to U.S. audiences may have been a good idea, but reworking an image that doesn’t fit is a mistake. Going from cute to sexy overnight is not going to cut it-especially when Boa can’t pull off the sexy part.

The only kudos is a more diverse cast (2 backdancers + 1 cute guy) in the video, but where is the love interest? Random seizure-inducing flashes with the guy came up around 1:10, but then that was it! Then at around 2:20, having Hanja (Chinese characters) on the background wall doesn’t help much with the American stereotype that “all asians come from China.” And the dance sequences (hello, what’s with the Michael Jackson crotch grab?! and seizure hands?!) in the field were just plain awkward! And the hat….do I need to say more?

Oh man, this is not looking good for BoA. If we were to compare the 2 videos, the Korean version is infinitely better (since it looked like more money was spent on it).

Check out the U.S. version, “Eat You Up”

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