Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dong Bang Shin Ki wants to stop sexual harrasmant

During the KBS2TV program, “Happy together season 3″ on October 9th, Yong-woong-jae-joong of Dong-bang-shin-ki confessed that there have been times when fans have gone too far with the body contact, “At crowded places like airports where screaming fangirls and hands are everywhere trying to cop a feel, you don’t know whose hand belongs to who.” Generally, those random hands are feeling up Yong-woong’s chest or arms but for Junsu, it’s usually the butt.

Yong-woong added, “Even if one hand has finished molesting, another hand will take it’s place. And it’s not like the hand just rests on the butt-it actually massaging it!….this verges on sexual harassment!”

Yoo-no-yoon-ho also confirmed the extreme skinship that fans will go to if they get the chance-”there was an older fan who can kept massaging my face and kept saying, “aigo, so pretty” but the person who is the victim doesn’t feel so hot”.

As the world record holder of having the largest fan club with 800 thousand strong, that’s alot of horny hands who want a piece of the boys.


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