Friday, October 24, 2008

Paran Comes to Malaysia on 30th November!

Paran will be in Malaysia on 30th November

A warm thank you to the K-popped! readers who alerted us on this :-).

Yup, all you Paran fans, the quintet is making their way to our humble shores!

The Nov 30 concert will be held at the Sunway Amphitheatre (yup, the same venue for FT Island's (cancelled) concert).

U-Kiss will be the guest performers at the show. Tickets are priced from RM180 to RM560. For more info, please point and click to Pop Rainbow

I always wanted them to come especially Neyo i guess cuz i forgotten the name -.- but what i know is he is the leader of the group and while i watch hiseoul this program i actually knew more about them.So *cheers*

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