Friday, October 24, 2008

Computer got virus!Dad goes Japan!Ah!!!!!

My computer just got virus recently and everything in there is gone.My photos,many many more precious stuff just gone like that.My dad didn't even save our folder but only his how terrible is that?So i wouldn't have msn anymore unless i download it again but usually i won't because its really "troublesome".And my dad is going to Hokkaido,Japan tonight.I wanna go too.Its so cool to get to go to Japan.Besides,its a wonderful place and i heard theres a shop that sells music box and you can even make it yourself by choosing your its decorations and even the shape of your music box can also be chosen.And i heard that it has many choices to pick of.And guess what Esther's mom is also going together with my dad cuz they're both members of public mutual.So thats it for today.

Tata !

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