Sunday, October 12, 2008

DBSK on SBS ' Chocolate '

DBSK made their first television appearance on SBS’ “Chocolate” on September 27, 2008, where they shared the same stage with Ye Eun, a blind piano playing prodigy who also appeared on twice on Star King and won each time she appeared.

Although pictures can be worth a thousand words, and obviously, each picture shows the compassion and kindness of the DBSK members for this girl, out of these thousand words “well plotted ploy” also come to mind.

It is true that DBSK can care for this little girl greatly, however, with every appearance DBSK makes, one cannot help but also see Father SM looking down enjoying the money and attention his company receives due to such appearances.

Father Sm has concocted the perfect image for a successful money making product, DBSK.

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