Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School security guard sux!
Grrr..hate him!

Went back to school yesterday and saw Tracy coming at the same time.For your information, I've been scolded like yen cheing too xp The guard also say "pendek pendek tak boleh masuk!Mesti pakai baju sekolah!"I'm like what???I came all the way here then you say tak boleh masuk?It doesn't make any sense!Takkan I need to go all the way back home just to change my cloth?I mean its not like my house is near the school or something its in Shah Alam and my dad will be scolding at me if I had to.So Tracy bro beg him then he say Tracy's bro also cannot go in cuz his pants also short!I'm thinking this guy is crazy he's not even our school student!But at last he gave me a chance then I finally get to go in.

I didn't heard anyone say that we were supposed to wear school uniforms so I did not realize that until I was scolded.Grrr..that fella is mad!I prefer the previous guard.He's much more nicer but the school thinks that he's lazy so they fired him!Thats what my sis told me.

Then we went to SPBT room then the teacher ask why so late?But I thought the paper wrote its until 5.30.When I reach there its only 4 o'clock!There are nuts!Luckily I went there before they close.I was planning to reach there by 4.15 but because of my dad has appointments so I had to go earlier but that was close or else I would not get my books!

Poor Larvina and Yokes cuz they need to stay back to help that teacher on marking and stuffs & it all because of that useless Encik Awang.He has not been responsible for anything .Hopefully I'll get in to a better class next year cuz my marks for this term exam is a real disaster!Really started to freak out right now.Maybe because I'm too over confident before exam so I din really study much.People been asking what happen?Grrr...hate school!So next year I must study hard!!!!!!

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