Thursday, November 6, 2008

Being scolded!

Thursday which is today should be my happiest day because exam ends on this day.But my dad was late to fetch us back home so we waited at school until 7.45 like that.The sky was dark and things when creepy.My dad scolded me in the car that I should be waiting at the guard house and make a call to him.I was mad enough then after a good bath,my mom and sis started talking about it again.I was so angry until I can't resist myself crying so I went to the bathroom for a little while and started to whip my tears off.Then only I had my dinner while I cry.Of course I didn't cry loudly but quietly.Nobody knows i was crying cuz I don usually cry in front of people.And guess what while I'm typing my bro quietly opened the door and thought that I didn't know that it was him but not wind blowing.So thats what happened today and it was awful.And this coming Sunday I'm going to Time Square's Cosmo World cuz my uncle works at Berjaya Time Square so he had a worker pass.So it means we get to go for free,or else we shall pay about 100 per person.Thats what i heard not really sure.Thank god it was all over and hope that my dad won't talk about it anymore when he comes back.Wish me luck xp

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