Friday, November 14, 2008

命中注定我爱你 Fated to love you!

命 中 注 定 我 爱 你 听 说 很 好 看 哦! 我 也 很 想 看 耶... 可上网看一直都在停,看得我都气死了!希望能赶快买到较便宜的DVD啦!Haha first time blogging in Mandarin and you don't know how long it took me to write these.So I've watch the first episode part 1 only but the video keeps buffering so I can't wait for it to play anymore longer.Hope to buy its original disc by a cheaper price.I heard that disc in Singapore are sold cheaper than it is in Malaysia so my sis was planning to buy it there at the end of this year cuz she might be going to Singapore with her friends.So thats it for today.Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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