Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saeng Yik Chu Ka He!!!Happy Belated Birthday to me!!!!!

Hello peeps!Turn 14 today.Received message from Stephy and she's the only one who greeted me when the clock strikes midnight.But the time I woke up,my stomach ache then I went to washroom and "lao sai".So unlucky!But its okay.Due to the Korean tradition,they will have "hai dai" soup on birthday which is like sea weed soup but their sea weed is different from us.My sis is going to Singapore to buy my present which is in a shop in Vivo City call Daisho.Everything there is 2 dolars which is about RM 4 in Malaysia.Her class trip is held in Penang this year so she was planning to buy lots of dvds cuz they are many cheap pirated dvds like Korean/Japanese/Taiwan dvds.On Air this drama and Antique the movie is really fun to watch so hopefully there will be those movies or dramas that I want there.Planning to buy phone at the end of this year.Sony erricson K320i phone.It cost from 315-440.Quite reasonable la.Haven't ask permission from mom and dad yet but most probably they'll agree so there's no prob.


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