Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great grandma's Funeral...Creepy

Its been a long time since my great grandma past away but just to show you guys the pictures my dad took during her funeral.Its been really sad.Trust me.Everyone wore red that day because she's been living till 94 years old.So its not "pantang" to wear red!Free to the sea!
We save some in the bottle to crimate and some to the sea
See that smoke?Its burning her.Ahh!!
Sending her to the place where we crimate or burn
We walk all the way there crying...sob..
Sending her away=[
Mom and bro saying goodbye
Great grand childrens
Grand son and grand daughters
In laws
Prayer ceremony( grand childrens) Sons and daughters Everyone. Its an old Thai style temple cuz my great grandma's mother is a Siamese Outside the temple Outside the room Siamese monks meditating.We seated there for hours and one week praying.
Spot me! Mom and dad

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