Sunday, November 23, 2008

Going to Pyramid this friday

Going to pyramid this coming Friday with yen cheing,xinhui and maybe manda and joanne.Today din made it to pyramid cuz since I'm going on Friday why trouble my dad to fetch me today?So sorry to my primary friend but I don't think many people is going xp.But I heard my primary best friend is going so she will be disappointed if she knew that I'm not going because she kept begging me to go.So sorry guys...So this Friday I was planning to watch high school musical 3 but manda had watch then I dunno whether xinhui and yen cheing want to watch a not cuz they are not really into that.However I'm definitely watching movies cuz they are many magnificent movies on cinema now so if I din watch then its a huge waste.Examples like high school musical 3,Madagascar,Bolt,Quantum of Solace...

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