Saturday, November 22, 2008

我 的 亿 万 面 包 Love or Bread


我 的 亿 万 面 包(Love or Bread) 由郑元畅和林依晨主演. 即 将 在 八 度 空 间 首 播!没想到八度空间这么快就播放了耶!好期待哦!

Joe plays a guy who lives his life in a facade, letting the world believe he's a wealthy young gentlemen. When in fact he's a lazy, procrastinating in debt pauper. Ariel's character is a poor young woman, but kind, filial and very hard-working bread winner of her family. She has a boyfriend, whom she also helped support financially while he lives abroad in America. Ariel's character decides to go to him in hopes that they finally get married. Her parents totally disapproving of it, but she decides to go, but only to find out of his infidelity to her. Used up basically all her savings and unwilling to face her family, she returns to Taiwan secretly. When she returns she meets Joe's character and they come to an agreement and end up sharing a broke-down old house together.

Check out its trailer:
Trailer part 1

Trailer part 2

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