Friday, November 21, 2008


I want to go to Korea and Japan at the same time.Especially after reading k-popped blog makes me wanted to go even more.They had pictures here and there in Seoul.But of course if you need to choose between Korea and Japan,Japan would me a better choice to travel.There are more stuff to discover there.So thats the reason why I also wanted to go Japan.For Korea,Seoul is the only place that has something to see.Most of their people live in Seoul and only a few number of people is living in the country side.So to live in Seoul is really tough.As for Japan is tough too because everything is expensive there so the cost of living is high.I don't know what am I crapping about here and most of you must be thinking of this word BORING!So no more writing.Tomorrow Hana Kimi!Till next time.Hasta Lavista!

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