Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stressful mind!

Guess what I'm using my aunt's laptop while she's not at home.So if she comes back then I'm dead!Tomorrow I shall go to pyramid with Yen Cheing,Xinhui,Tracy and Joanne.Initially I wanted to go badly but now don't really feel like going because to be honest I'm felt stress while going out with them don't know why(hopefully CAXTE doesn't see this xp) unless my sis is going cuz today which is Thursday is her last day of examinations!So she wanted to go out after a stressful month.She found out about her ns thing on website and it says she's on the third batch which is usually those loser would go on that batch but because this year there are too many students who were selected so they put her in that batch.This year Sarawak is one of the places for ns too.Great right?You get to seat plane and enjoy the scenery so everyone is praying hard to get there.And owh finally got dramas to watch.My sis borrow from a friend.It is a Korean drama call "bu liang jia zu"I think it should be not bad.And I'm going back to hometown at the end of this year.We initally should be going back by train then suddenly changed the plan so have to go back by car.Bro has been grumbling whole night cuz he's really interested in taking train.So thats it for today,don't know what to wear tomorrow and Jae Joong rocks!


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