Monday, November 10, 2008

SPM today!

Good luck to all spm candidates and my sis.I can tell that its tiering because the timetable was real long and today the exam ends at 4.30 pm.Can you belief it?So long.Next year it'll be my turn for pmr.I'm so terrified...And there will be lots of pressure going on so yeah it'll be a tough year.Esther even say that she wanted to prepare for pmr during this holiday.OMG!Is everyone doing that too?Anyways hope that next year I will be placed at a class that has someone I recognize.Holiday is going to be boring for me because I heard from my mum that our plan to Penang might be canceled so I guess its just balik kampung or maybe not cuz my grandma is coming to KL for her eye operation so that plan also might not succeed =(So I guess everyday is going to be computer & tv.Hopefully there's miracle for my cousin uncle because doctor found out that he has CANCER!!!Sad thats it for today and tomorrow will be the day to school to receive our book for next year. Hopefully nobody sees me.Heh...

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