Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dad came back from Hokkaido!!!

Music box Museum!Dad bought three for each of us.Its not cheap though one for RM 70 like that.
There are thousands of choices to choose.You can even make it by yourself

Hokkaido high way?? Mart Restaurant Don't know where is this
JPL airplane Airport Wow this waitress is sizzling hot! Dad and his friend In the airport
Its night time
Scenery from airplane
Ramen again
Foods in 7 eleven !cool...
Sandwiches also from 7 eleven
ice creams...yum
scenery token from the plane
In the airplane
This is a kind of crab that i don usually see
Ramen shop
Ramen!!! Yukata are so pretty.Wish i had one of those. Shops Dad in Yukata again Meal
Beautiful scenery
His another meal again
And another
I love this place.Its full of lavender
He and his friend eating
Lavenders pillows.He bought that for us and it really smells good
Lavender farm
Souvinear shop in lavender farm
Flowers are beautiful in autumn
Its one of the famous place to visit and I forgotten its name
I think he really enjoying himselfs to show that pose
Breakfast time!
Scenery taken outside of his hotels
Snow !Snow! Snow!
His hotel room again but this one is more "japanese" style
Its snowing!!!Wish i could see that too=[
Book stores (kinda big)
"orang asli" places
Road side stalls
Their shopping center
I think this picture is token in 7 eleven
I just love this shop even though i don't really know what they sell
The underground city
So many handbags!
The seafoods!
Mmm..looks good
Hokkaido city!
One of his hotel room cuz each day he stays in different hotels kinda cool huh
The "orang asli" place
Bears are so cute
Its like Malaysia's "mua chi" but its filling is different and they are popular there
His meal
Dad in Yukata
Thats it.Theres actually more but its to much to post it here.

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