Friday, November 7, 2008

Hokkaido Trip part 2

These pictures are from dad's friend(as shown in picture)cameraDad and his "best friend"in yukata
Japanese samurai dolls
Japanese dolls
Lavender farm
Can you belief it?This is how the lavender farm looks like when it is spring or summer ,too bad its not so I think this picture is taken from a picture
Check out its price and convert it into Malaysia ringgit
Marry Go- round music box
Music boxes..
Penguins! adorable
I love this picture its so yellowish
Hokkaido streets are so clean
This house is kinda cool
Lunch time!As you can see the food looks delicious and the amount is a lot thats why my dad say that he was never starving
Hokkaido apartments
So colorful!!!
The gift shop again!But this time it is clearer
Autumn leaves!!!How pretty...
Hokkaido night scenery
Autumn trees
And again

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