Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blogging is fun!

Hello people!Using aunt's laptop again but this time its not secretly.Anyway everyone is having a magnificent vacation except for me staying at home doing nothing but only wasting time.Anyway,going to pyramid this Friday with sis and her friends.I know you'll be wondering why go out with sis's friend?Well its because everyone is busy with their thing so had to go with sis's friends.But all of them are quite friendly la so its okay.I heard that there's a shop in pyramid that sells Korean road side stall food.Hope to go there.Besides,there's a shop which sell Japanese ice-cream.But I don't know the location so hopefully we get to find it.We were planning to have a costly meal for lunch like Japanese food.School is starting soon and time do pass quickly.Going to school tomorrow cuz there's meeting for the Chinese Society thing so I had to go.Haizz..next year need to sell lots of stuff for Chinese Society and Hang Kasturi marching!I love to teach them but don't really know whether I get a chance to do so cuz I'm not the comander.So hopefully next year those people march well.Thats it for today.Blogging is fun and it improves my english a lot cuz if its spelling is incorrect then it'll be underline with a red line so I will know when I make mistakes.

Anyonghi gaseyo!

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