Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is in a few days!

Christmas is in a few days.Currently have no idea where to go on that day but I hope that it'll be fun on Christmas.Last Saturday I went to Klang Jusco and bought a purse that a made of pure leather so I'm dreadfully excited about it.Sis just came back from Penang last night and she bought lots of dvds but theres none of Korean dramas or movies.All of it were English movies and dramas so she bought Heroes season 2,Mary Poppins,Breakfast at Tiffany and ect.All of it is only RM4 so its really worth it compare to here because its half of the price!We watch Mary Poppin yesterday and its just like "The Sound of Music" and it always says this word:Supercallyfragilelisticexpiallyloucious.They said it really quickly in the show.
Felt not so well today like I'm going to be sick.Hopefully I won't cuz it'll be awful.


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