Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Went to the dentist just now so it means I just came back from there.My dad suddenly told me and my bro that we are going to the government dentist for a check up so we went.We didn't wait that long so it was okay.Initially I thought it'll be a guy who is going to check my teeth but luckily he was just the assistant.I was so afraid to go in at first but then it was not that bad.The dentist said that my teeth had nothing wrong so just within a minute I was done.But my bro's teeth has a whole in it so she just put filling in it.I was so glad that my teeth were fine.Yey!Going to Tesco later to have Pizza for lunch cuz my NIE project pizza voucher has not been used yet so I'm planning to use it before it expired.Thats it for now.


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