Friday, December 19, 2008

School is Frustrating!

Don't know why I kept talking about school lately even though I hate talking about it.I felt tremendously disappointed of my results for this year so I really hope to do better next year.My dad is trying to get my sis into Singapore's University so yeah it'll be a lot of pressure if she really gets in but the possibility is low because it is hard to get into those university since they are all famous universities.My dad was planning to bring my sis to the university to look around the school and try to register on next year 10th January.It'll be terrifying for me if I need to go there for further studies because you'll have to live on your own and nobody's there for you.Last night I slept with my bro because he wanted to sleep in my bedroom so I just let him but midnight,he kept kicking of his pillows to me and it fell on the floor so I had to pick it up for several times.Sis is still in Penang and coming back tomorrow.Later I might be going either to Summit or Klang Jusco to shop so hope that theres things to buy for my New Year clothes.I ought to buy some stationary there too cuz I heard theres discount at Popular.

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