Monday, December 8, 2008

I hate Chinese Society bussiness!

Computer has virus so now I'm currently using laptop and hope that it won't have any problems too.Don't know when I'm going back to hometown but I will inform you guys before I go.Hope to stay there longer but mom and dad said that we're only staying for a few days.Its been boring as usuall but there will be the "majlis" thingy for the Chinese Society and I had to go if my sis wanted to go so hopefully we won't have transport cuz I really refuse to go.It is until 11pm which I don't know whether I can go back earlier so if I don't get to do that then my parents shall wait for a long time because it actually end at 10pm but I need to stay back to do packing so it'll be another hour to do that.But if I don't go then people will look down on me cuz I'm not doing anything so hopefully next year won't be having that much activity but only school activities like selling stuff.


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