Friday, December 5, 2008

Went to pyramid!

Went to pyramid just now with sis and her friend.Bought not much thing actually just a shirt and a pair of earrings.We ate at Kim Gary for lunch and I ordered their noodle.It was really full cuz their portion was big.Then my sis ordered almost the same thing as mine while her friend ordered their famous dish,which is the cheese rice.My sis didn't buy anything since she's going Singapore tomorrow but her friend bought a shirt and a sun glasses and also a few pairs of earrings.We initially plan to eat the ice monsters but then we were still full so never mind.And guess what I met our afternoon session teachers there.They were gathering together at Kim Gary.Its so shocking.I saw Puan Yeoh,Puan Ker and other teachers that I don't really recognize.There were lots of people at Kim Gary so we had to wait for quite a while.We was going to watch movie at first but there were too many people and it is really a waste of money just to watch a movie.So in the end we decided not to watch.And today I've only spent not over 50 ringgit which is RM45.And I brought RM 100 dumb.I pass by Asia Avenue and the clothes there are all so lollita'ish(la la mui)but some of their thing can be wore la.
Oh ya on the way back home I mean nearby my house there's a river so today about a few minutes before we past by,theres a dead man's body by the river and many people were standing around the bridge to check out whats happening.Then we found out that the guy was flowed from other river to the river over here.

My sister is going to buy lots of stuff from Singapore for me like notebook cuz their notebook was terrific and its much more cheaper and nicer from here ya know?Then dvd is definitely cuz I heard a cd there could be only RM 10 while dvds are RM 20 something like that la.Can you imagine that?So much more cheaper than it is in Malaysia.Maybe because their tax there are much more lower.Then flip flops!The flip flop is only about RM 10 or RM 5 so its seriously really really cheap kay.My sis promise to buy me one and maybe also a wallet cuz mine is not really attractive la.
Recent update!My sis passport was found overdue!Tomorrow is the day where she goes to Singapore and now suddenly happen this kind of thing so she's been scolded badly by mom and dad.Well mom and dad is angry this is a definite but my aunt kept on scolding on and on even when her friend that is going to Singapore with her called and ask me where is she going to renew her passport then I say I don't know then my aunt scold me and say why you tell her you don't know?Then I tell her I really don't know what!Whats wrong with her weih!Sot de!Urghh!Hate her!Hopefully everything is gonna be okay and back to the plan.Praying hard now.


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