Thursday, December 18, 2008

Memorable and unforgettable day

Went to Petaling Street just now early in the morning and just came back half an hour ago.There were many people there and we took a long walk like about a few kilometers.Theres many tourist there and they were all hotties.Sales are everywhere so we went to Kota Raya hot market and Pasar Seni for a while.Theres a shop at Petaling Street that sell all original disc with a cheaper price.So I bought a Japanese drama named "Last Friends".It was just RM 21.90 but the price in other stores I think might be more than RM50.I wanted to buy Antique and On Air but I couldn't find then I decided to buy Mirotic cuz I thought it'll be cheaper but its the same price which is RM65 something.Theres a popular there too and all things were 50% discount.I bought a pen and some correction tape and also rubber.On the way going back,we sat LRT like what we did when we go.Theres a "ang mo"that is really really HOT!He look a little bit like project runway(forgotten which season)--Daniel Vosovic!He has a sharp nose and he smells good!I know you would say that I'm dirty minded now but he really smells good.Maybe its because of the perfume he was putting.He sat right next to me on the train so it means that our shoulder were touched along the way.I was so afraid to look up and I end up din get to see his face but only side of it.Still,he was hot!Can't forget that smell and he's look!Then we went to Amcorp Mall and went to a shop that sells all things beautiful!Its very "princessy" and full of lace.Theres lots of mugs and plates and deco stuff,even furnitures!

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