Friday, December 12, 2008

Relatives from Singapore is coming!

As always my uncle from Singapore will come here every end of the year unless we're going their place at Singapore.So they're coming this weekend which is tomorrow!So we'll be bringing them around and of course EAT!Hope that we'll go to high class restaurants so that I wouldn't have to go to the Chinese Society "majlis" but to dinner with uncles and cousins!Actually not really interested to join them for dinner because to be honest they are all nerds!I mean my cousins are super smart like genius.They are now studying at Singapore's famous and the best school.Well when you heard THE BEST of course its for only THE BEST and the smartest student.Their school was seriously very nice and it'll make you want to go to school everyday cuz they even have swimming pools and fountains in school.Their library are like those grand library in Malaysia like in KL.So you can imagine the differences between Singapore and Malaysia.

Forgot to mention that I saw MIROTIC in speedy last night(previous post).The price is quite expensive which is about RM65.But there are photos and batches of DBSK.It was so perfect!I wanted to buy but by looking on the price I lost the interest of buying it so hope that anyone that bought it could lend me and burn.Thats it for tonight!Good luck Yen Cheing!

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