Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Went to school!

Went to school just now for Chinese Society meeting and it was dang boring.I sat there for 2 and a half hour doing nothing.Theres one guy sitting next to me and say you sat here for 3 hours without saying anything.Don't you feel bored?I'm like duhh cuz I don even know any of them.They were like totally strangers to me.I never talk to them before.What do you expect me to say?There will be a "majlis" for those form 5 students cuz they're leaving us.And guess what,my job is to make sure the food has no fly and pour drinks to them.How sad.But its better than handling those difficult stuff right?But whats making me pist is that I have to buy a present for the people that I'm going to take over her/his post.So I'm planning to buy just a RM 5 present to her.Tomorrow going pyramid and hopefully it would be a great day cuz I heard there are sales every where.Next year is going to be stressful!And my stomach is making noise cuz I'm so hungry now.Eating lunch now.Tatta!


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