Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Many people from my primary has been sending me e-mails about plurk and they want me to join plurk so I went to their official website but still don't really get it.I mean I don't know how does it works so not joining them.I am so darn boring in house but luckily my cousin is coming later to play with my lil bro so at least we'll have something to do like playing ps!Because I don't have a ps in my house so thats whats boring me.But I felt lucky not to have one cuz if not I will be addicted to it and then my school results will be an egg already!I wish to go many countries to travel like:
-Thailand(where Tracy is going soon =[)

And lots lots more(the best is all around the world but its impossible).And owh my uncles and other relatives are coming from Singapore to Malaysia this weekend so hopefully I get to join them for dinner especially on Sunday cuz I really don't wanna go to that Chinese Society "majlis" thingy.My sis insist to go so its kinda hard for me not to go cuz she's like "da man" who controls everything so its really hard to DEFEAT her ya know?And one last thing.Should I change my background color for my blog cuz its kinda boring dy.So I will think about no more yellow and go white!But isn't white too plain?Till next time,see ya!


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