Thursday, December 25, 2008

Went to The Curve

Went to The Curve this morning to celebrate X'mas and just came back this afternoon.We went into Daiso and it was not what I've expected.Singapore's Daiso were better to me.They have more choices and things are more beautiful in Singapore's Daiso.I bought a ladybird paper clip while mom bought some of her socks.Then I saw Malaysia's singer from Project Superstar:Yun Mei Sim.Only those people who watch 8tv would know her better.She wore a really thick layer of makeup so she really look prettier in real life than tv.Nothing much in The Curve actually cuz things were expensive.So we went to FOS but theres not much discount so we didn't buy anything.Went to Kota Damansara for lunch then went back home cuz sis is having fever and sore throat and some cough.She almost faint!We were so worried of travelling tomorrow cuz we're going to sit 9 hours in the car because our hometown is in Kelantan so the journey would be further.Going back there for 4-5 days so won't be blogging during these days.Lastly Merry Christmas everyone!


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