Sunday, December 7, 2008

Updating blog

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog lately cuz comp has something going on.Well its a anti virus thing that is actually fake cuz they will lie to you and say that your comp has been detected virus so they will ask you to solve this problem by clicking the buttons and all but actually they wanted to find out about your profile and stuff,don't really understand too but thats what aunt said.Yesterday went to Klang Jusco and bought a shorts there.Not much thing to shop actually cuz theres nothing in there but lollita stuff and its not a happening area.Then went for supper at mamak shop and it was really fattening.My sis's plan to Singapore has been canceled because her passport was found overdue and to renew or to make a new one is only available during office hour so we din make it to renew her passport.Poor thing.She has been sad for that whole day.And whats sad is I can't get my presents =[.I was looking forward for that then came this crisis out of a sudden.Nothing to blog now.Not going anywhere today or tomorrow and picture of you this song is really great so if you miss it then you'll be regret!


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