Friday, December 12, 2008

Went to Bangsar!

Hey peeps!Went to Bangsar New Village last night.It was not what I've expected there because if you look from the outside then you might think that its big but once you go in then you'll find that its actually quite small cuz its only having two floors.So within 10-15 minutes walk then you would walked the whole block already unless you go to the new wing.Well everything is seriously expensive there cuz all those local people who stay there are all rich people so talking about price is definitely a bit pricey.Those shops there have very few people so we don dare to go in but only to speedy.And guess what,we spent 1 hour in speedy just to look around those korean dvds.My mom was there too cuz she's also a fan of Korean dramas.

Then I bought Cinderella disc which is rare cuz usually I can't find that so bought it without second thought.I watched it this afternoon and it was really nice and of course its not just a few minutes movie but up to an hour.There are many things that we wouldn't know through those storybooks.There are two stories in there and one of it is the old traditional one and the other is Cinderella 3 which is "A twist In Time".I was expected Cinderella 2 because I wanted to know whats the story after she and the prince got married but eventually it turned up to be the third.Still,its okay.

On the other hand,my mom and sis bought nothing cuz things really are expensive and theres not much things to buy.Besides,we also went to MPH for also an hour reading books but not me.I'm only in the notebook section looking out for nice notebooks and found a simple yet nice notebook.But its just thin so I was planning to use it to write down those Chinese Society stuff since I'm one of the comity member so there'll be lot's of thing to write down especially those mag and newspaper's money.

Then we walk by those shop houses outside Bangsar New Village while waiting for dad cuz actually the reason why we were there is because my dad has some bussines to do at the public mutual there.If its not about dad,we won't go that far till KL just to shop unless its a special day.So we walked a few kilometers to Mcdonald to wait for dad cuz its really nothing in the mall I'm telling you.


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