Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sis Birthday yesterday!

Yesterday was my sis birthday and we bought a special cake for her.Its a jelly cake!Which is basically cakes on the lower part and then fruits and jelly on the top of the cake.It was much more healthier than those creamy cakes.I finally rejected the Chinese Society "majlis" and I felt so relieved after calling the comity members this morning which is a few minutes ago.Later going to KLCC to meet uncles and his family relatives.So hope that those strangers weren't the age of mine cuz I will be shy to meet especially those same age people.My sis is not going cuz she insist to go to the Chinese Society thing.I rather meet those strangers than going to the "majlis" cuz at least I could get to shop and eat yummy treats!Time passes so quickly and school is going to reopen soon.Christmas is almost here and so do Chinese New Year.This year is the worst holiday I've ever had because this year its been so boring staying at home all day.My time was wasted just like that!Hope to go back hometown sooner.


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