Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday's ending soon!

Holiday is going to be over in just a few weeks.Felt so sad about next year.However,I'm going back to hometown next Friday.Initially my mom was planning that we're going back on Christmas morning but who wants to spend their Christmas in car anyway?So we beg her to change the date and so she did.I hope to go to The Curve because my dad said that Daiso is opened in The Curve and its the first in Malaysia!Can't wait to go there.Its a shop that sells everything 2 dolars so it would be RM5 in Malaysia.My sis just went to Penang for her class trip this morning so it means that I'm going to sleep alone tonight!I slept alone by myself a few times but it still scares me because I'm used to sleep with her.She'll be coming back on this Sunday which is quite fast.MNet Festival 2006 is going to on air on Christmas on 8tv so I finally get to watch because last few years they been showing it but I just din get a chance to watch it because of some plans.Hopefully theres no plans this year in the morning or else I shall cry!!! Happy Birthday to Tan Jing Wei my childhood friend that's turning 14 this year on Christmas!Merry Christmas everyone!Ho Ho Ho!


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